About Shannon: The "not so Martha"

Shannon is a 30-something Mom to 5 beautiful children. Yes, 5! You could call it a modern day version of yours, mine, and ours. Her blended family of 7 keeps her on her toes and on the go. Add in working from home as a legal secretary and quickly you'll see her life is crazy and often chaotic but, she wouldn't trade one sarcastic moment of it.

This is just a place she goes to share the ups & downs of blended mommyhood, like mowing what feels like 127 acres with a push mower, favorite foods and recipes, mostly cake, and sometimes some DIY projects like great teaching tools.

Shannon is also a food columnist for the Madison County Record. Her column, Madison County Cooking, is featured in the paper's weekly publication.

Most recently, Shannon was cast in the Northwest Arkansas production of Listen To Your Mother. Listen To Your Mother is a national series of live readings in celebration of Mother's Day. Born of the creative work of mothers who publish online, each production is directed, produced, and performed by local communities, for local communities.

You can stalk Shannon here at stillseekingmartha.blogspot.com, on Facebook, Twitter, or just email her at seekingmartha@gmail.com

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