Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day and Something To Screw

Sunday is Father's Day, and since I have to work and the girls are all gone for summer visitation, me and the boys took the Dad out tonight night for some yummy BBQ. It's his favorite.

While eating dinner, Boy 1 started questioning what activities were to come. 

Boy 1, "Hey Daddy, What are we going to do tomorrow while Momma is gone?"

The Dad, "Man work."

Boy 1, "Man work? Like what?"

The Dad, "We are going to mow, then spray bug stuff, maybe plant Momma's new flowers, and work around the house."

Boy 1, "Work with tools?"

The Dad, "Yep, working with tools."

Boy 1, "COOOOOL DAD!!"

(Our food comes and we start eating, THEN....)

Boy 1, "Hey Dad? Tomorrow can you find me something to screw?"

The Dad, while spitting Diet Coke out of his nose, "Yes son, yes, I'll find you something to screw."

Happy Father's Day!!

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  1. It's hard to watch our babies grow up and screw things, huh? :)