Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kicking Up My Boots At AWBU

Did you see my new badge?

It's over there on the left.

I'll give you a hint, #AWBU.

Ah, now you see it.

Little ol me is going to be a part of the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference.

And, it's all thanks to the kind folks at Country Outfitter.

I've been a fan of Country Outfitter for awhile now. My daughters' birthday list usually consist of something from their website. So, when I heard they had signed on as a sponsor of the conference I was beyond excited. When I got a tweet saying they'd like to give me a scholarship to attend the conference, I did a happy dance. I did several happy dances.

Arkansas Women Bloggers, AWB, is a network of support for women in Arkansas that blog. I bet you kind of knew that by the name though, huh. AWB has given me a supportive group of women to bounce ideas off of, and that stand behind me cheering.

I'm a transplant to Arkansas, Originally from Oklahoma. When I moved, I left most of my support system behind. (You can look here for a little more about that.) The ladies in AWB have made this Okie feel a little less out of place, and a little less homesick.

I am thrilled to be attending the conference, and so grateful to Country Outfitter for sending me there.

I am looking forward to meeting so many new faces, and to be thanking them in person for the support they have given me. I hope to learn a thing or two, and make some new friends, and most importantly, to Gather~Grow~Connect.

Oh, and one more thing, stay tuned to the blog for the next few weeks; I've got a little surprise coming your way, and who doesn't like a giveaway. Now, go tell your friends.


  1. Looking forward to meeting a fellow transplant! See you in a few :)