Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Do You See What I See

Well... do you?

Heather and I kidnapped the third Shannon and headed off to Mountain View Arkansas for AWBU conference. (More on that whole kidnapping thing later) And, on our way we stopped at Mickey D's for a late dinner. Kidnapping isn't as easy as it seems so it took a little longer. (Again, more on that later)

While standing in what seemed like the longest MD line EVER, a shaggy looking barely 16 year old boy stepped up to the other register. 'Here," I whispered to Heather and Shannon, "he's going to open this line."


He just stood there. Staring at all of us.

After a few minutes I noticed the screen on the register.

Yeah it was saying just what we all were thinking.

That POS was closed!

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