Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Met Oprah! Well... I Met The Oprah Of Boots!

Well... I met the Oprah of boots!

Actually, I already knew her I just didn't know of her Oprah-ish qualities.

The weekend before last I had the honor of attending the Arkansas Women Bloggers' Unplugged Conference. Much thanks to Country Outfitter for sponsoring me.

Myself and 70+ other bloggers from all over Arkansas gathered at the Ozark Folk Center for a full weekend of fun, learning, and bonding.

Too explain how things happened, or why, or even to sum up the weekend is IMPOSSIBLE! It was great. It was amazing!

It was just AWBU; a once in a lifetime experience really.

So... back to meeting Oprah.

Saturday we all gathered together in preparation of a cookout, a little fiddle playing, some jig dancing, and that AHH Moment only  Oprah (or someone LIKE Oprah) could give!

Meet Stephanie, aka the Oprah of boots.

Saturday afternoon she came to the conference stage and said "You get boots, you get boots, YOU GET BOOTS!' (now you see why we call her the Oprah of boots, huh?)

Stephanie works for Acumen Brands, the parent company of Country Outfitter and thanks to them we were all gifted with a pair of boots of our choice (up to $150)!

We were all given a pair of boots to try out, and review.

I picked these lovelies!

Stay tuned, my review and a GIVEAWAY for you is coming soon!

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