Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Skin Is In, Part 2. A Giveaway For You!

So a week or so ago I told you all about my love of all things Therapon Skin Health related and especially the Theraderm Clinical Skin Care, Skin Renewal System.

This Stuff is GOLD

Seriously it's amazing!
So anyways, after I told you all about the company I decided to "man-up" and give you photographic proof of the change.
I showed you my before and after. 
Take a look at my early morning make up free face. (Times 2)

The before is on the left, the after is on the right.
And, that's just two weeks in.

I haven't edited either picture in any way.
If I had, I'd have done something about my unruly eyebrow.

See the difference?
Noticeably less redness on the right.
After my post went live I shared my results with Thearpon Skin Health on twitter.
Christina messaged me and offered to give one of my followers (US Resident Only) a complete Skin Renewal System so that someone else could share in the experience of clear healthy skin with me.
Knowing what it feels like to suffer with/from rosacea, I jumped at the chance to help someone else.
So, how do you win?
If you are a US Resident than leave a comment telling me what issues you have with your skin.
Hey, I shared mine it's only fair you share yours. And, you never know we might be able to get some pending skin questions answered for you.
Also, I think it's only fair to ask that you share some LOVE with a "Like" to the Theraderm ClinicalSkin Health by Therapon  facebook page.
While you're there you can find my Facebook page as well.

I'll be doing this drawing the old fashion way, ya knowing pulling a name/number at random, so please know that only your first comment will count as an entry.
Feel free to share this with your friends and family, maybe you can steal it from them if they win.
The drawing will be in one week on Wednesday October 24, 2012. That gives you time to enter and have your friends and family enter to. Plus, it gives me time to finish mid-terms.
That's it. Let's Recap.
Us Residents Only
 Leave a Comment Telling Me About Your Skin Issues,
 Show Some LOVE on Facebook. 
Drawing Will Be Held on 10/24/12


  1. This would be wonderful to get my skin looking wonderful for my wedding ;)

    My issues: break outs in the chin area and forehead and just generally looking ruddy. I would love to glow.

    1. Gina, you are beautiful and already glow, don't forget that, but I understand your want for more blemish free skin for the big day! Good luck!

  2. I swear I commented! I would use this for Brian. His skin does the same thing yours does/did. :)

    1. I see this comment but, I got a notice for two. Weird.

      Your entry number is 2.

  3. I've got a patchy spot on my left cheek (the one above my waist line) and a pimply glute.

    1. HA! Thanks for clearing up what cheek.

      Your entry number is 3.

  4. My skin is so blotchy (is that a word, ha!). It is red in some places, pale in others. Just looks horrible. I would love to get some of that pretty skin you are sporting in your after pics.

    1. Thanks Karen! I have been so happy with my results. Good luck!

      Your entry number is 4.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Brooke, My daughter is just not clearing up her acne issues by using Therapon's acne line. She loves it! She says that "it doesnt feel like her face is peeling off like with proactive"

      Thanks for coming by, good luck!

      Your entry number is 5.

  6. My skin is so pale that any blemishes (and my crazy dark under-eye circles) are really obvious. Acne has been a lifelong friend, but I just really want to give my skin some better care than off the shelf stuff. Especially now that I'm getting older. :)

    1. Oh Jodi dark circles haunt my pale skin too.

      Thanks for stopping by, good luck.

      Your entry number is 6.

  7. I also have redness issues, though I'm not sure it's full on rosacea! I've never been to a dermatologist (and should probably go soon!)

    1. I love my dermatologist. I have him in my favorites list :)

      Everyone should visit a dermatologist. Skin is such a mistreated portion of our bodies.

      Good luck! Your entry number is 7.

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