Monday, April 2, 2012

Boy 1 Has It All Figured Out

By now you know that we are a very busy family of 7, but what I bet you didn't know was that we eat dinner together at the table every night. 

Shocking isn't it? 

For us it's time to connect with the kids as a solid unit; to share the ups and downs of the day and just be a family. 

Tonight we had "Fiesta Salad" It's our take on taco salad. It's basically seasoned meat, with black beans, corn, and tomatoes. We serve it on lettuce, hints the salad in the name, and sometimes we thrown white corn chips in for the hell of it. 

Like most nights the little ones discuss all the stuff they have on their plates and tonight Boy 1 started the conversation.

"Hey did you know lettuce grows up from the ground? And corn and beans!" 

I said "Wow! That's really good. You're pretty smart." 

Then, the dad says "Do you know where cheese comes from?"
"Yeah, Dairy." he says. 

"You're right. Do you know what Dairy is?" asks the dad. 

"Yeah he's a boy." 

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