Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alibi At The Ready

I have a beautiful daughter. I also have a lot of guns, land, and plenty of family to provide me with an alibi.
It's prom season and ammo is flying off shelves about as fast as those teenage boys' hormones are racing.
Recently my oldest daughter was asked to go to the prom.
Daughter 1, is almost 16 and is a sophomore. Her potential date just turned 18 and is a senior.
At first the Dad said "No!" but then after he took his aspirin and calmed down some he gave it a little more thought.
Our daughter has done nothing to lose our trust. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I mean she didn't lie and ask to go with girlfriends, plus she's kind of kicking butt in school lately.
So we discussed it, laid out our guidelines and then demanded to meet the boy prior to the night of prom AND we had to talk to his parents as well.
On Monday, a very well mannered boy knocked on our door and joined us for dinner. He was nothing like we expected, but in a good way. We laid out the guidelines for him and he agreed.
Permission granted!
This coming Saturday my world will change. Daughter 1 will go on her first unsupervised date. She will also attend her first prom. I'm not sure how I'll take it. I'm not sure how the Dad will take it. One thing I am sure of, we will both be up, ready and waiting with guns loaded in case she decides she needs us.

(photo credit to Jamie Montoya, Forever A Memory Photography By Jamie, Breast Cancer Awareness and Support Photo Session.)

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