Thursday, April 19, 2012

Standing Still. 17 Years Later.

17 years ago today I was in my school cafeteria being forced to listen to Power Of Love on the juke box for the 12th time that morning, when the music stopped and the principal came on the intercom and sent us all to our classrooms immediately. Tim McVey had driven a van full of explosives to the federal building in OKC. He parked out front, fled the scene and murdered 168 people.

I was a volunteer during clean up, I handed out water a block away along with hundreds of others. 

Oklahoma changed that day. We came together and held each other close. We grieved for the families and cried for the innocent children, men, and women that had lost their lives to the hands of such evil.

We were Oklahomans, we were surviving together. We were setting examples for the world. 

Today, I remember those who passed and why I'm proud to be from Oklahoma. 

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