Monday, April 2, 2012

Pitty The Fool

Yesterday was the 1st of April and "April Fools Day" is a favorite holiday in our house. 

We have LISTS, yes plural, of all the things we can do. Most of which involve our poor innocent children. 

What can I say, we're horrible people. 

This year we got a late start so our pranks were minimal.

I love love love putting tape around the sprayer on the sink. Then I ask one of the older girls to fill something with water. Once they turn the faucet on the water sprays all over them. 

It's awesome to watch. 

I've also freaked the kids out by putting mustard in the tip of their toothpaste. Imagine if you were going to brush your teeth and you squeezed the toothpaste and it came out yellow. 

Bet you'd scream to.

Sticking with the bathroom torture, you can always put a mouth numbing gel in the bristles of their toothbrush. You should try painting a clear coat of nail polish on their bar of soap. See how long they'll try to make that sud up. 

Yes, I know, horrible people. But hey if you can't prank your kids why have them ;) 

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