Friday, April 13, 2012

Thats A Wrap! (Almost)

It’s Friday Folks and it’s been one hell of a week already but, it’s not even over yet.

The week started off with Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday brought a LOT of chocolate.

We followed that with a Monday visit to Grandmother’s house which brought even more chocolate, plus cookies, and stuffed animals.

Tuesday was Boy1’s FIFTH Birthday!! (I can’t believe my baby is 5!) We had cupcakes and presents to celebrate.

Wednesday my very first column was printed. I still can’t believe that’s even happening. It’s weird to see your words published for all to read. Plus, I got to officially update the bio.

Thursday wasn’t very exciting (Thank GOD!); unless you count the Dad mowing “Go Hogs” out in the front lawn.

Friday, well Friday is exciting in its self. But it’s especially exciting today because I am the featured blogger on Arkansas Women Bloggers website/blog. As if that’s not enough, tonight Daughter 1 has a friend over and that NEVER happens. PLUS Daughter 2 got asked to the school dance. (we’ll address that later)

Tomorrow, Saturday, will bring a few brand new beginnings. I will attend the first rehearsal for Listen To Your Mother NWA. Eek! I still haven’t figured out how or why I’m included in the cast of such wonderfully talented women. Tomorrow is also Daughter 1’s first unsupervised date, and her first PROM!! I’m not really sure which of tomorrow’s events will make me cry the most, but I know I’ll be crying so I stocked up on tissues today.

 Finally we come to Sunday. Sunday Funday!! Boy 1 is having his birthday party. Our house will be full of family and friends. I’m sure there will be tons of laughing, and even more screaming from the children. But, laughter and blood curdling screeching is what makes our world go round.

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