Thursday, April 12, 2012

What Listen To Your Mother Means To Me

“LTYM, like motherhood, is about process over product. It is not about polish, but rather about that unfinished, unvarnished, authentic beauty that happens when you make room for something bigger by letting go. The spirit of LTYM exits all around us—in that one friend you tell how you really are today, in an experienced mom leveling with a new mom about how NO ONE really knows the answers, in that moment when you understand for the first time why your Mom was tense so much of the time, because now you are too. The task of the LTYM shows is to provide the space where we can live that energy, that commonality, and those moments together out loud.”- Ann Imig

The words above were written and given by Ann Imig. The words above both fill my heart with song and bring to light the gift I have been given. Being a part of the Listen To Your Mother NWA cast is a moment in time I never thought I’d be given, or earn. For me, LTYM is more about honoring my mother, than sharing any of my mommy-hood experiences. LTYM is my chance to open a piece of my heart I keep so guarded, so private, and share with others a glimpse of the love my Momma gave to me.

In my life I strive to do many things. I strive to give my children the love, security, and direction they need. I strive to give my work all that it deserves. I strive to be a good partner for Daniel, a good sister, a good friend, a good follower, and a good leader. Above all else I strive to be just what my Momma would have wanted; I strive to be me. The me she would and could be proud of. The me she loved so hard, so unconditionally, so fully. The me she raised, and taught so many things to. The me that loves her more than life itself. Just me, her daughter, forever Shannon Patricia Momma’s Little Disha.

I hope through LTYM I can give a little piece of her to all of you and in return find another little piece of me. Together through the works of others we can thread our pieces back in place and start to feel whole again.

With love and the greatest of wishes,
              Shannon Patricia


  1. Ahhh... I'm gonna need kleenex on Saturday, huh??

  2. Probably. Don't worry I'll have plenty.