Friday, March 23, 2012

Am I drinking enough?

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest. Not going to lie, I love it! However, as I scroll through pins and pins of crafty design I can't help but wonder if I'm drinking enough. 

I see all these wonderful crafty up-cycling ideas but I don't have that amount of corks or wine bottles. 

Cork monograms, cork wreaths, cork coasters, and cork boards out of actual corks!! Geez I need to get poppin. 

How about all those beautiful wine bottles? Hanging lamps, table lamps, vases, end tables, etc. 

What's a wanna be crafty girl like me to do? Drink apparently. So from this point forward I plan to drink more wine. Its all in an effort to up-cycle more, promise. Who's with me?!? Wine party at my house! I've got new lights and coasters to make. :)


  1. AND - red wine is good for ya. If those crafters out there really wanted to appeal to the wide rannge of women, they'd figure out how to make wine BOXES cute! ;)

  2. Well you might have just found my next project for me :)
    There is a whole lot you can do with a little Mod Podge!!