Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Barbie and the barrel

Boy 1, he's 4, almost 5, was playing in his room while Boy 2, he's 1 almost 2, took his morning nap. The bedroom door was open and I could hear him playing like he was on a hunting trip. 

"You can't hide from me! I'll find ya! Don't think I won't. I'm just that good"
"Bang, Bang. Told ya!"

I walk in and say "What are you doing?" to which he replies "swamp people Mom. See the croc I got"

I remind him to be careful and not so loud because his brother is sleeping and then I go back to folding the laundry. 

A few minutes later he emerges from his room with a nerf gun in hand. "Momma" he says "Can you fix my gun? It won't shut, so I can't shoot any more crocs." 

Any guesses as to why the gun won't shut and or shoot?

He has shoved one of his sister's Barbie's leg into the barrel. WAY in the barrel.

"Why did you take this leg off the barbie? This is your sister's toy. Why is it in your gun?" I asked.

"umm..well I needed a dart and it kind of looks like a dart. I didn't know it wouldn't work." 

40 minutes later. 40 minutes!! I got the barbie's leg out. (Go me!!)

Dont't ask me what happened to the foot. 

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