Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lent Licker. List Maker.

Happy Spring! Who's in the mood to clean? Don't worry I'm not either; too bad it always has to be done. We are just wrapping up a very boring but semi-productive Spring Break at our house. The rain ruined every plan we had except the big "Spring Clean" Thanks Mother Nature. Isn't that just like a mom to make sure we get our chores done?

I should confess now that I'm a list maker. I'm boarder-line addicted to excel spreadsheets. Seriously. I use a list or spreadsheets any chance I get. Including the big "Spring Clean." We generally try to get the inside of the house done on one day and then spend another day working in the garage and on the outside.

We are a family of 7 and all but the little bitty one is reading now and required to help. I find making a list makes it easier, more controllable, and it stops the annoying "now what? Aren't we done?" statements that are whined. Plus we all LOVE the satisfaction of scratching something off the list.

I like to break my list down by room. i.e. Living Room, Bath Rooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, Mud Room, and Bed Rooms. I hang the list in each room so its easily accessed.

 My list start from the top of the rooms and work down. i.e
 **Living Room**
Molding, Cobwebs, Fans, Doors and Frames, Windows, Dusting, Baseboards, and Floors.

The only rule or order is floors. They have to be done last. Each child is responsible for their bedroom and the other chores are divided amongst all of us. We all work together.

We keep all the products and equipment  in a central location and we pull what we need from that.

** This is not an endorsement for any products just a honest list of what we keep and use. Name brands are only listed so you'll know the idea of the product. We buy off brands as well. **

Product wise I use everything from warm soapy water to the Clorox Toilet Wand.

Being a little more specific I try to keep the following on hand:
Clorox Multi-Surface Cleaner
Clorox Wipes
Clorox Toilet Wand
Swiffer Duster
Paper Towels
Small Trash Liners
Large (55gal) Trash Liners

I also use Vinegar, Coffee Filters and Dryer Sheets.

Most products speak for themselves as far as what I'd use them for but here our a few tips I use to make life with 5 kids and a man easier.

1. Clorox Wipes are great to clean baseboards, doors, door and window frames, and moulding.

2. Once the above things are clean I rub dryer sheets on them. It smells good AND it helps repel dust to keep them looking cleaner longer.

3. Vinegar and Coffee Filters is the best window cleaner combo EVER.

As my Momma would say, "You never know who's going to knock on your door."

Happy Cleaning!

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  1. We had to clean two weeks ago and it as massive because people with cameras were coming!! I admire your organization. I usually just shout out, "Clean this place up!" then I hug the box of wine to my chest.