Thursday, March 22, 2012

Round Two and Then Some...

Well daughter #3 and I had round two with the dentist today. Extractions. Boo. Luckily it was just two baby teeth that were ready to come out. Unlucky was the dentist. 

So my 8 year old is laying back with her headphones and  laughing gas mask on watching a movie when the dentist approaches and says "alright let's get started."

Now, I had prepared her for every possibility and she was ready to go when we left the house at 7 this morning. She knew the masking was coming, she knew what tools he'd be using, she knew she'd be numbed. What I forgot to tell her was that she'd be numbed with a shot from a needle that looks as big as her index finger. Oops. 

The dentist, poor guy, was equally unprepared for the repercussions of using said needle to numb her gums. 

He slides his chair right next to her and begins to inject the numbing medicine. The moment my daughter felt that needle poke her gums the left leg shot straight up and right into the dentist's head. 

He recovered fairly quickly considering. Almost as if it was a natural occurrences for him. 

The rest of the appointment went off with out a hitch and she still got to pick a prize. 

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