Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Diaper Duty at the Dentist

If I can smell your child's diaper then you should change your child's diaper. If my almost 2 year old can tell you your child's diaper is "poo-pee" then you should REALLY change your child's diaper. Seriously! just give me your child and I'll change them so you can keep playing on your phone. 

Sitting at the dentist office and the waiting room is filling up with an all too fimilar smell. I immediately grab my youngest and do a quick smell check. Nope, not mine. I see another Mom pick her daughter up, smell check, nope not her either. I also see another mom and dad sitting in the corner laughing and talking about something on the mom's iPhone. Their youngest is playing in the play area (where myself and the other mom I mentioned are sitting watching our children play). The little one's pants are sagging and it's not a fashion statement. She runs over to her parents and starts tapping the mom on the leg. Nothing. My little one is now saying "poo-pee poo-pee" still nothing. The smell is now so strong that even the nurse has said "whoa!" 

So.. Who says something? Am I suppose to? If I do, is that rude? Where's Dear Abby's hotline when you need it... 

15 more minutes go by and at this point the little girl is obviously uncomfortable and ready to be changed.

Here goes nothing. "Excuse me" I say "I think your little one has pooped."  "Oh, is that our girl making it stink in here? Babe go change her diaper." says the mom. 

Seriously!! You could smell it, and you still didn't bother to check your child?!? 

I'm not generally a judgemental person; especially when it involves other parents. We all have our own styles. That being said, is it appropriate to tell another parent to change their child's diaper? 

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  1. I've actually FED a child in the pediatrician's office before!! There are so few of us Mommas of the Year out there!! ;)