Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh you thought that was bad?!?

Last night after dinner the Dad told daughters 1 & 2 "Dishes. Load and unload." To which they both replied "ugh" and then daughter 1 (the oldest) says "well can I take my nail polish off?" She had just been upstairs in her room painting them. Dad says "Why don't you just wait 5 minutes for it to dry then start." That apparently would just be too much. So instead Daughter 1 goes to the bathroom, leaves the door open, so we can hear just how horrible she thinks this is, and begins tossing stuff about. We let her have her moment, only because we're busy putting the other 3 kids to bed.

About the time the 3 little ones are in bed, daughters 1 & 2, who are 15 & 12 by the way, have made their way to the kitchen where they are complaining with each dish they unload. 

Then the fun really starts. It's time to reload the dish washer. Only things coming out of their mouths are "Gross. Disgusting. OMG." AND the ever loved and enjoyable gaging reflex. 

For dinner we had pot roast with carrots and potatoes, and we added green beans for a side vegetable. 

The dinner was all cooked in my crock pot with the exception of the green beans. They were in a separate pan. (that's two things total so far) Now add in our dinner dishes.  We  had 7 plates, 7 forks, and 7 glasses. 23 things total. 

Sounds horrible doesn't it? 

It didn't all make it in there! (See the picture? That's my crock pot and a cup sitting in the sink still) 

Anyways, after their lovely over grown fit the dad and I decided we might just be making their lives too easy. We clean the house including their bathroom. We do all the laundry. We cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and they occasionally have to LOAD THE DISHWASHER! 

Know that saying "times they are a changing" let's just say that's my new motto. That crock pot dish is still sitting in my sink. As is the cup. They will remain in my sink till the daughters wash them. AND since it didn't get cleaned last night the dinner that was planned for tonight isn't going to happen. Instead, we'll be having their least favorite, hot-dogs. 

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